Obituary “Cause of Death” special set at MDF 2025

Obituary is a seminal death metal band hailing from Florida, known for their raw intensity and influential contributions to the genre. Their second album, “Cause of Death”, released in 1990, is widely regarded as a cornerstone of death metal history. It showcased a darker and more sophisticated sound compared to their debut, blending groove-laden riffs with menacing vocals and thunderous percussion. “Cause of Death” not only solidified Obituary’s status as pioneers of death metal but also set a benchmark for the genre with its uncompromising aggression and atmospheric depth, influencing countless bands in the decades that followed.

To celebrate its 35th anniversary, Obituary will perform the album “Cause of Death” in its entirety at Maryland Deathfest XX, May 22—25, 2025 in Baltimore.

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