Krisiun “Conquerors of Armageddon” special set at MDF 2025

Krisiun, a Brazilian death metal powerhouse, made a seismic impact with their third album “Conquerors of Armageddon” in 2000. Known for their blistering speed and technical prowess, Krisiun crafted an album that epitomizes the ferocity and intensity of extreme metal. “Conquerors of Armageddon” showcases relentless blast beats, intricate guitar solos, and guttural vocals, delivering a relentless onslaught of brutality from start to finish. The album’s combination of musical dexterity and sheer aggression solidified Krisiun’s reputation as one of the premier death metal bands from South America and influenced a new generation of extreme metal bands worldwide.

To celebrate its 25th anniversary, Krisiun will perform the album “Conquerors of Armageddon” in its entirety at Maryland Deathfest XX, May 22—25, 2025 in Baltimore.

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