Unleashing Metal Fury

October 12—13, 2024 @ California Deathfest, Oakland CA

Oath of Cruelty, hailing from the United States, stands as a relentless force in the realm of extreme metal. The core trio of Callier, Mayhem, and Hiller, alongside members who also contribute to prominent bands such as P.L.F., Imprecation, Morbosidad, Blaspherian, and Thy Feeble Saviour, forms a powerhouse of experience and talent within the band. Influenced by legendary acts like Kreator, Sodom, Merciless, Slayer, and more, Oath of Cruelty channels these inspirations into a sound that blends ferocity with technical prowess, earning them a devoted following within the global metal community.

Throughout their career, Oath of Cruelty has released a series of powerful recordings that have solidified their reputation in extreme music. Their discography includes standout releases such as “Altar of Impurity” (2014) and “Summary Execution at Dawn” (2018), each album showcasing their uncompromising energy and musical proficiency.

Renowned for their in-your-face no-frills live performances, Oath of Cruelty have toured extensively in Europe, where their savage sound has resonated in diverse venues ranging from squats and intimate clubs to larger festival stages. Oath of Cruelty’s ability to connect with fans on a primal level underscores their status as a formidable live act, ensuring their enduring prominence in the global metal scene.