Unleashing Hellfire

October 12—13, 2024 @ California Deathfest, Oakland CA

Formed in Brazil in 2001, Power From Hell has established itself as a stalwart of extreme metal, pioneering a unique blend of blackened thrash that captures the raw energy and aggression of classic metal with the darkness of black metal. Led by the enigmatic Sodomic, the band quickly gained recognition for their uncompromising sound and provocative lyrical themes, which delve into occultism, blasphemy, and the macabre. Power From Hell’s influence extends beyond their musical output, embodying a rebellious spirit that resonates deeply within the underground metal scene worldwide.

The discography of Power From Hell reads like a manifesto of infernal fury. Starting with their debut album “The True Metal” in 2004, the band unleashed a series of critically acclaimed releases including “Sadismo” (2009) and “Devil’s Whorehouse” (2016), each album cementing their reputation for unrelenting sonic brutality. Their latest offering, “Profound Evil Presence” (2022), marks a return to their roots while showcasing a matured songwriting prowess and a relentless assault of riffs that affirm their place as one of the foremost names in extreme metal today.

Live, Power From Hell’s performances are a ritualistic frenzy. Known for their chaotic stage presence and intense audience interaction, their shows are a visceral experience that transcends the typical concert atmosphere. Whether headlining festivals or playing in intimate venues, Power From Hell commands the stage with unmatched ferocity, delivering their infernal hymns with unbridled passion, leaving audiences spellbound and craving more of their diabolical sonic onslaught.