Cynic “Focus” special set at MDF 2025

Cynic, originating from Florida, pushed the boundaries of death metal with their groundbreaking album “Focus”, released in 1993. Blending technical proficiency with jazz fusion elements and philosophical lyrics, “Focus” introduced a new level of complexity and innovation to the genre. The album is celebrated for its intricate musicianship, incorporating fretless bass, unconventional time signatures, and virtuosic guitar work, all underpinned by Paul Masvidal’s distinctive vocals and Sean Reinert’s progressive drumming. “Focus” not only expanded the sonic possibilities of death metal but also inspired a wave of progressive and experimental metal bands, leaving a lasting impact on the genre’s evolution.

Cynic will perform the album “Focus” in its entirety at Maryland Deathfest XX, May 22—25, 2025 in Baltimore.

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