Special Sets

Krisiun “Conquerors of Armageddon” special set at MDF 2025

Krisiun, a Brazilian death metal powerhouse, made a seismic impact with their third album “Conquerors of Armageddon” in 2000. Known for their blistering speed and technical prowess, Krisiun crafted an album that epitomizes the ferocity and intensity of extreme metal. “Conquerors of Armageddon” showcases relentless blast beats, intricate guitar solos, and guttural vocals, delivering a […]

Cynic “Focus” special set at MDF 2025

Cynic, originating from Florida, pushed the boundaries of death metal with their groundbreaking album “Focus”, released in 1993. Blending technical proficiency with jazz fusion elements and philosophical lyrics, “Focus” introduced a new level of complexity and innovation to the genre. The album is celebrated for its intricate musicianship, incorporating fretless bass, unconventional time signatures, and […]

Incantation “Onward to Golgotha” special set at MDF 2025

Incantation, the legendary death metal band originally from New Jersey, made a profound impact with their debut album “Onward to Golgotha” in 1992. Known for its uncompromising brutality and occult themes, the album is revered for its unrelenting heaviness and dark atmosphere. “Onward to Golgotha” is often cited as a cornerstone of the death metal […]

Dragged into Sunlight “Hatred for Mankind” special set at MDF 2025

Dragged into Sunlight, a mysterious extreme metal band from the UK, unleashed their harrowing debut album “Hatred for Mankind” in 2009. Known for their enigmatic persona and intense live performances, the album is a sonic assault that blends black metal, death metal, and doom metal into a nightmarish journey through despair and misanthropy. “Hatred for […]

Paradise Lost “Draconian Times” special set at MDF 2025

Paradise Lost, originating from Halifax, England, emerged as pioneers of gothic metal in the late 1980s. Their album “Draconian Times”, released in 1995, stands as a definitive masterpiece in the genre. With its melancholic melodies, haunting atmospheres, and introspective lyrics, “Draconian Times” encapsulates the essence of gothic metal, blending elements of doom and rock into […]

Obituary “Cause of Death” special set at MDF 2025

Obituary is a seminal death metal band hailing from Florida, known for their raw intensity and influential contributions to the genre. Their second album, “Cause of Death”, released in 1990, is widely regarded as a cornerstone of death metal history. It showcased a darker and more sophisticated sound compared to their debut, blending groove-laden riffs […]