Sodom “Agent Orange” set at MDF 2024

Sodom’s third studio album Agent Orange stands as a quintessential thrash metal masterpiece, a pinnacle of the genre’s aggressive and politically charged sound. Released in 1989, this album is a testament to Sodom’s ability to blend ferocious guitar riffs, pounding rhythms, and socially conscious lyrics into a potent musical statement.

German thrash metal legends will perform “Agent Orange” album in its entirety on May 23, 2024 Thu at Power Plant

Due to extremely high demand for tickets to the pre-fest and the fact that it sold out in only 2 days over a month ago, we felt that adding a second set would be a logical solution to allow more people to see the band. 4-day pass holders will have access to this performance on Thursday at Power Plant. For anyone without a 4-day pass, a very limited amount of tickets specifically for the Sodom performance on Thursday, May 23rd will be released today at 12 pm EST.

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To clarify, the first set at the pre-fest on Wednesday will be a “best of” set, and the set on Thursday will be the ‘Agent Orange’ album performed in its entirety.

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