Extortion & Yacøpsæ Shows 2024

Prepare for an auditory onslaught like never before!

On May 28, 2024 Brooklyn and May 30, 2024, Chicago will become the epicenter of a seismic sonic explosion as Extortion and Yacøpsæ, the relentless forces from Australia and Germany, respectively, storm the stages for two nights of unbridled intensity.

Extortion: Australian Sonic Warriors

Straight out of the Australian underground, Extortion is a sonic juggernaut that defies all norms. With a blend of grindcore, hardcore, and punk influences, Extortion delivers blistering speed, unrelenting aggression, and an explosive stage presence that leaves audiences in awe. Get ready to be catapulted into a maelstrom of sonic chaos!

Yacøpsæ: Unleashing Sonic Anarchy from Germany

Hailing from the bustling punk and grindcore scene of Germany, Yacøpsæ is legendary for their sheer energy and chaos. Their stage presence and interaction with the audience demonstrated their deep connection to the punk ethos, fostering a sense of community among fans and peers alike.

Featuring a Lineup That Redefines Brutality

Sissy Spacek, Skullshitter, Fluoride on May 28th and Failure, Sea of Shit, Sick/Tired and Organ Failure on May 30th

Secure your tickets now at www.deathfests.com/tours and brace yourselves for a whirlwind of sonic mayhem!