Dismember Shows 2024

Brace yourselves, America, for an unparalleled onslaught of pure death metal fury as Dismember descends upon select cities across the United States in 2024!

August 17, 2024 – Brooklyn Monarch in Brooklyn, NY (with Vomitory, Undergang, Morpheus Descends, and Malignancy)

Joining forces with Dismember on this unholy night are Vomitory, Undergang, Morpheus Descends, and Malignancy, promising an evening of relentless sonic devastation that will echo through the borough and beyond!

October 11, 2024 – Thalia Hall in Chicago, IL (with Sodom, Nunslaughter)

Chicago will bear witness to another epic chapter in the annals of death metal history as Dismember unleashes their savage might alongside Sodom and Nunslaughter. Prepare for a night of savage riffage and bone-shattering rhythms that will leave you breathless!

October 12, 2024 – California Deathfest in Oakland, CA

Dismember joins the lineup for California Deathfest! California Deathfest return will see the band deliver their uncompromising brand of death metal amidst a gathering of die-hard fans and fellow metal warriors from across the globe.

This is more than just a tour—it’s a testament to the enduring power and raw energy of death metal. Don’t miss your chance to be part of these historic nights. Secure your tickets now and prepare to witness Dismember and their cohorts deliver an unforgettable barrage of metal mayhem!

Tickets now available at www.deathfest.com/tours